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Unsolved mysteries of Ancient Egypt

From: Unsolved Mystery. All myths, mysteries & ancient Egyptian history
Date: 12 Apr 2012
Time: 15:30:36 +0200
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http://www.mythandmystery.com/myth/ancientegyptpyramids.html - http://www.mythandmystery.com/unsolved_mystery.htm - Gives the definitive explanation of 'who' really built the Pyramids on the Plains of Giza; Explains 'WHY' the Giza Pyramids were built; and explains, exactly, 'HOW' the pyramids were built. Explore the culture, art and history of ancient Egypt in photographs and articles from experts in egyptology and archeology. Ancient Civilizations Lost Cities & Civilizations Ancient World History Ancient Egypt - Pyramids Ancient History Europe Stone Circles - Stonehenge Ancient History South America Inca Maya Aztec Olmec Machu Picchu Nazca Lines, Peru Ancient History North America Native America

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Unsolved mysteries of Ancient Egypt

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