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The Country Diner & Big Apple, Medway, Maine 04460

The Country Diner and Big Apple Store in Medway.From: Contact info for The Country Diner Medway ME 04460
Date: 31 Jan 2013

The Country Diner & Big Apple Convenience Store - 2202 Medway Road, Route 157, Medway, Maine 04460 - Country Diner telephone: (207) 746-9343 - Big Apple telephone: (207) 746-5966 - I was at The Country Diner two times in December 2012. I had breakfast one morning with eggs, pancakes, toast, corned beef hash... the works. It was great and I got to talking with some of the locals. A couple of days later, I stopped in for a Taco Salad and that, also, was great! I would suggest this place as a stop for anyone looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are open early til late and there is a gas station/convenience store attached for the weary traveler!

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The Big Apple Convenience Store and Country Diner

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The Country Diner & Big Apple

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The Country Diner | Big Apple Store, Medway Maine 04460

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