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Lennie’s Superette, Medway, Maine 04460

Medway Convenience Store - Lennie's Superette


Lennie's Superette convenience store in Medway, Maine 04460.Lennie's Superette is a convenience store in Medway, ME 04460. It is located on Route 157, the main road through the town. Their phone number is: 207-746-5100 - and their address is: 2154 Medway Rd. (Rt 157), Medway, Maine, 04460. Find them on  Facebook - or on the internet: Lennie's Website.

Convenience store with gas – you will also find things like:  soda, beer, hot and cold sandwiches of all varieties, pizza, cigarettes (brand and generic), coffees and teas, candy, cookies, pastries, ice, fishing supplies, hunting supplies, camping supplies and more.

Last changed: 05/19/14


Lennie’s Superette, Medway, Maine 04460

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