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Oak Island Money Pit: Keith Ranville

From: Cree Code Breaker Keith Ranville and the Oak Island Money Pit Mystery
Date: 22 Dec 2014
Time: 12:21:29 +0100
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In a statement posted on the Internet two months ago, Keith Ranville was quoted: ďI believe these symbols have been incorrectly assumed to stand for something else. In the First Nations tradition that Iím a part of, we believe symbols should simply be looked at in and of themselves, rather than thinking of them as codes that have to be cracked. In the pictograms of Cree Salavics, for example, the images are meant to be descriptive, not abstract.Ē - http://www.mythandmystery.com/wp/oak-island-money-pit-cree-code-breaker-keith-ranville/ - Keith Ranville of Vancouver, British Columbia, is a Cree Indian who was born in Winnipeg. Keith has brought a new perspective to the legendary Oak Island mystery of Nova Scotiaís Mahone Bay area, and itís probably about time. I first read about this mystery myself in Stranger Than Science by Frank Edwards back in the late 1960s. 213 years have passed so far and no one has yet to recover the pirate treasure that so many feel is buried beneath the earth there. Over the years, many people have attempted to translate mysterious symbols reportedly copied from two different stones on the island, hoping to isolate some vital clue or insight into how to retrieve the treasure that is believed to be buried there.

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